Why Choose Chinese VFDs Over European Counterparts?

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When thinking about variable frequency drives (VFDs), two key players come to mind: the well-established European VFD manufacturers and the emerging Chinese contenders. I’ve seen numerous debates about which to choose. But what if I told you that there are compelling reasons to lean towards the Chinese side of things? Intrigued? Let’s dive in.

Recent studies have shown that the global demand for VFDs is rising. While European manufacturers have historically held a significant market share, Chinese VFDs are now gaining rapid traction.

Chinese variable frequency drives (VFDs) have been making notable strides in the global market, challenging their European counterparts on multiple fronts. Apart from their enhanced energy efficiency, the quality of Chinese VFDs has seen significant improvements, with many products now rivaling or even surpassing European standards. Chinese manufacturers are also setting themselves apart with extensive customization options, catering to specific industry needs, ensuring an optimized fit for varied applications.

Moreover, recognizing the importance of comprehensive customer experiences, these manufacturers have bolstered their after-sales services, focusing on rapid response times and tailored solutions. With the combination of improved quality, adaptability, and dedicated service, Chinese VFDs present a holistic and compelling offering in the industrial sector.

Now, as the general manager of the foreign trade of SAKO VFD department, I’ve seen firsthand the transformation in the Chinese VFD industry. Stick with me and I’ll share insights you might not have considered before.

Why are Chinese VFDs gaining popularity?

Price is often the first thing that comes to mind, and there’s truth to it. Chinese VFDs tend to be more affordable. However, it’s not just about the cost. The value proposition is equally important.

What about the quality of Chinese VFDs?

The perception of Chinese-made products being of inferior quality is outdated. Today, with technological advancements and rigorous quality checks, many Chinese VFDs match or even surpass their European counterparts in performance and reliability.

Are Chinese VFDs customizable?

Absolutely! This is one area where we, at SAKO, pride ourselves. We believe that one size doesn’t fit all. So, we offer custom solutions to match specific requirements . This flexibility isn’t always available with European brands.

But isn’t customer support better with European VFDs?

While European companies have historically had a reputation for superior customer support, Chinese companies like ours are catching up. We understand the global market and have invested heavily in customer support teams trained to offer solutions in multiple languages.

Can I trust the longevity and warranty of Chinese VFDs?

Yes, you can. We stand by our products. Our warranty periods are competitive, and often, they mirror those of European brands. Plus, with the emergence of smart technologies, many Chinese VFDs now come with remote diagnostic capabilities, reducing downtime and ensuring longevity.

What’s the final verdict?

The landscape of the VFD market is changing. While European VFDs have their merits, the advantages of choosing Chinese VFDs are becoming too substantial to ignore. From pricing to customizability, from quality assurance to robust customer support, we at SAKO, and many other Chinese manufacturers, are offering value-packed solutions that are resonating with customers worldwide.

As someone deeply entrenched in the VFD sector, specifically the SAKO VFD brand, I’ve witnessed this transformative journey firsthand. The power supplies, control loops, and consistent focus on energy efficiency have turned the tables. Let me provide some insights into the inherent advantages of Chinese VFDs.

What Makes Chinese VFDs a Big Deal in Energy Efficiency?

The modern industrial sectors, particularly the gas sector, demand more than just constant speed machines. Energy efficiency has been a game-changer. VFDs, especially those manufactured in China, have mastered the art of control loops, ensuring that motor speed is dynamically adjusted. This means that instead of running machines at full power, they operate based on real-time needs, maximizing energy savings.

Aren’t European VFDs More Reliable?

While European brands like Schneider Electric have a longstanding reputation, the variable frequency drives coming out of China are now at par, if not superior, in many aspects. Recent installations across various industrial applications have shown that Chinese VFDs, including the likes of SAKO, perform consistently, ensuring safety, energy savings, and precision control.

Do Chinese VFDs Offer Cost-Effective Solutions?

Absolutely! When it comes to balancing performance with costs, Chinese manufacturers have nailed the equation. Not only are these VFDs energy-efficient, but they also come without the hefty price tag often associated with big European brand names. This cost-effective nature does not compromise the VFDs’ functions, ensuring industries reap the benefits of energy savings without straining their budgets.

What Influences the Lifespan of an VFD?

Several factors can significantly influence the lifespan of a VFD.

First and foremost, the installation environment plays a pivotal role. Areas with excessive dust, moisture, or corrosive agents can harm the VFD’s electronic components.

Additionally, the quality of the power supply impacts the VFD’s longevity. Frequent voltage fluctuations or surges can strain and damage its circuits.

Regular maintenance is also crucial. Ensuring that the cooling systems function effectively and preventing overheating is vital.

How the VFD is operated plays a role too. The frequency of starts and stops and any exposure to constant mechanical stresses can either prolong or reduce its life.

Lastly, the compatibility between the VFD and the motor it controls is essential. Ensuring that they match in terms of power and voltage requirements is vital for optimal operation and longevity.

In conclusion, when evaluating the longevity and reliability of a VFD, it’s evident that the primary determinants are not rooted in its origin or where it’s manufactured. Rather, the true indicators lie in the quality of its components, its installation environment, and its operation and maintenance. Thus, the factor that impacts the quality of the inverter isn’t its origin, but the inherent quality and care given to the inverter itself.

How do Chinese VFDs Match Up in Technological Advancements?

In the realm of technology, Chinese VFDs have shown a penchant for innovation. Features such as soft start, safe torque off, and advanced sensors ensure the motors’ safety and longevity. With integrated transformers, advanced voltage control, and wireless functions, these VFDs are at the forefront of technological evolution.


The VFD landscape is rapidly transforming. While European VFDs undeniably have their merits, it’s impossible to overlook the compelling advantages that Chinese VFDs bring to the table. From unparalleled energy savings to state-of-the-art technology, all packaged in a cost-effective solution, the case for Chinese VFDs grows stronger by the day. Making an informed choice has never been more critical.


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