When is a VFD Required?

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In the vast realm of motor control, the importance of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) often arises. At SAKO, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time understanding its utility and would like to share this knowledge with you.

A VFD is essential when there’s a need to variably control the speed of an electric motor. This control is not just for convenience; it facilitates energy savings, ensures better process control, and prolongs the life of the machinery.

To understand when and why you might need a VFD?Follow me!

Motor Speed Control

Sometimes, processes require varied motor speeds. This isn’t about luxury but necessity. By adjusting the motor’s speed according to the task, we can optimize energy consumption [source link]. It’s practical: why run a motor at its maximum when it’s not needed?

Energy Conservation

Certainly. When a motor runs at a reduced speed, it often consumes less energy than its maximum capacity [source link]. With rising energy costs globally, this reduction in consumption can lead to significant savings.

Process Control

In industries where exactness is vital, the speed of a motor becomes crucial. A VFD provides the ability to control this speed, ensuring the precision required for specific processes [source link].

Prolonging Equipment Life

Starting and stopping motors can wear out machinery. With VFDs, a soft start option is available, leading to less strain on the equipment, extending its life, and reducing maintenance costs [source link].

Unique Industrial Needs

Certain industries require frequent motor speed changes. In such situations, VFDs become a necessary component to meet these specific needs [source link].

Is VFD Always Necessary?

No. For systems with constant motor speeds and no emphasis on energy savings, VFDs might not be required. However, for dynamic industrial setups, its advantages are evident.


The inclusion of a VFD in systems is often a choice rooted in efficiency and longevity. If you’re aiming for energy savings, precise control, and extended machinery life, considering a VFD might be worthwhile. At SAKO, we remain committed to offering only the best for your industrial needs.


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