How much electricity can be saved by installing a frequency converter on an ordinary asynchronous motor?

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According to some sources, using a frequency converter to drive a three-phase asynchronous motor can have the effect of saving electricity by adjusting the speed within a certain range. The frequency converter will automatically change the frequency to reduce the frequency of the motor. This can improve the efficiency and power factor of the motor, especially when the load is low or variable.

For example, a company always has dozens of 45kW motors that need to be retrofitted for energy saving. By installing frequency converters on them, the motors can save 20% of the electricity, and even 60% in many places. Therefore, for enterprises, installing frequency converters for ordinary motors can greatly reduce the production costs of enterprises and increase product profits.

However, the actual amount of electricity saving depends on many factors, such as the type and size of the motor, the load characteristics, the operating time, and the cost and efficiency of the frequency converter itself.

So if you also want to save electricity for your ordinary motor, you can leave a message in the comment area, and I will come up with an energy-saving solution for you.


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